Welcome to Chrome Valley Customs!

Uncle Hank and his hard-workin’ crew are busy turning spare parts into works of art, but they need your help! Get ready to roll up your sleeves, restore classic cars, and save the business!

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  The Cars  

The Massley A-52 means business! First produced in 1953, the A-52 was America’s best selling truck. It’s the perfect project to make your business stand out on the street!
The Coleman Colt is “America’s favorite muscle car!” Coming off the lot with a 7.0L V8, the ‘68 Colt is a design classic. It’s a great project to showcase your garage’s skills.
The Carlton Sun-Ritz was American luxury, at an affordable price. Today, a well-restored Sun-Ritz is worth up to 65 times its 1955 ticket. A job like this is a great project to bring in some cash, fast.

  The Crew  

Uncle Hank
Garage Owner
Hank is the owner of Chrome Valley Customs, and he’s getting ready to retire. Hank built the garage up from nothing, and loves getting his hands dirty working on classic ‘50s cars and trucks.
Hank might be the owner of Chrome Valley Customs, but Gabi runs the show. As the garage’s dealmaker, Gabi spends her days in the back office liaising with clients, sourcing hard-to-find parts, and negotiating those all-important deals.
Big Rig
Big Rig is the garage's bodywork specialist, he's happiest when he’s tearing off old panels or cutting things down to size with his trusty Sawzall. Big Rig likes his cars, his food, and his music all the same way: fast, loud, and greasy.
Engine Specialist
The engine specialist at the garage, Donna is responsible for bringing old vehicles back to life and for turning a slow rider into a performance machine. Growing up in Chrome Valley, Donna likes to claim she was driving cars before she could walk.
Paint Expert
Angelo runs the paint shop at Chrome Valley, giving every car a custom-colour that’s perfectly mixed for the customer’s needs. When he’s not painting cars, you’ll find him designing tattoos in his sketchbook or giving the garage walls a fresh new look.